Card Framing Service – Special Cut Mount


I personally manufacture all frames to order as it’s near impossible to stock all the sizes in all the colours. Despatch is usually well within 10 working days but if you require your order sooner please let me know.

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Cigarette / Trade Card Frame for any non-standard layouts.

This is the option you need if you have an unusual size card or a mixture of Horizontal & Vertical cards. Please select from the options and a cost will be calculated. If you have any additional requests, please be sure to email your requirements so we can make sure your order is correct.

Please note all layouts will be symmetrical which are more aesthetically pleasing, therefore I cannot guarantee your cards will be displayed in number order which would normally look quite messy in a frame.

These frames are designed to display your card collection without damaging them in any way, no gluing or tape is required, your cards simply sit in the mount cut-outs and are sandwiched between two sheets of glass so both the front and rear of the cards can be viewed.
I DO NOT ship glass so this is something you will have to organise with your local glazier (preferred option) or picture framer (who will probably charge more than a glazier). Glass is too dangerous to ship and although some companies ship with acrylic glass I do not, as the acrylic is usually too flexible to hold the cards in position, especially with larger sized frames.

These layouts can be used for Horizontal or Vertical cards, you just need to rotate the frame!

All frames have the same medium shade wood with a darker outer edge and gold inner trim as shown in the Product Gallery. Stock mount colours are Green, Black, Maroon & Brown which are the most commonly requested colours. If you require something different, please select ‘other’ in the dropdown colour box.

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Weight .3 kg
Dimensions 43 × 40 × 3 cm