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Cigarette Cards & Trade Cards - Bought, Sold & Found.

Dealing in Collectable Cards, Worldwide.

I deal in Cigarette Cards, Trade Cards & also framing cards. I have created these pages to introduce you to the world of card collecting and if interested offer both a BUYING and SELLING service.

After over 10 years of trading I am now running this as a full time business. I am always looking to buy collections of Tobacco & Trade Cards including A&BC Gum.

If you have any tobacco cards for sale then please get in touch by e-mailing me with a few details of what you have. I will then contact you with what I am sure you will find a fair offer.

I am currently transfering every single card I have to my Ebay store which is linked on the left of this page. I have a huge amount of odd cards and sets in stock so if you need anything in particular please get in touch! in the Media Want to know who I am?! Company Terms & Conditions How to Contact me


Last Updated July 7, 2020