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Henry the cheeky schoolboy appeared on tobacco cards here in the UK between 1935 and 1937. With the production of 5 different sets with 50 cards in each, yes that’s 250 different cartoons produced by legendary comic artist Carl Anderson. Some images were taken from these sets and reproduced to form an additional 2 sets of Postcards with 25 cards to each set.

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I have been dealing in tobacco cards for over 20 years, trading on the internet since 1999 from CigaretteCards.co.uk and on eBay. Having always liked the sense of humour of Carl Anderson and his Henry character these cards issued by J.Wix have always been of interest to me.

I was fortunate enough to purchase a collection which mainly consisted of Henry cards. The task commenced for me to complete the sets but with only the 1st Series being numbered I could see I was going to have problems with finding the missing cards. It was time to turn to the internet, which has now become most peoples (including myself) main source of information.

After an hour or so of searching, using all known search engines and card resourses I was become very well edjucated with the history of Carl Anderson and his Henry character but not with these tobacco card sets.

It has now become my quest to supply to you all the information I couldn’t find. After weeks of research I have found set details, variations, issue dates and more. It’s now time to get typing, scanning and stocking up for what I hope will be a well used source of free information and supply to complete other peoples sets or just a single card which appeals because of its subject matter.

Just click on the set at the top of this page for a complete visual guide of all cards in the set.

You’ll soon be able to order single cards through my eBay Store.

It’s time to explore, have fun and please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or constructive suggestions.