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Valuation Guide - Cavenders

Below is a list of sets with their values taken from the 2003 catalogue.

The prices below are a guide for insurance purposes only, I’m afraid these are not the prices you will achieve if you are looking to sell your collection.  Even card dealers are lucky to get anywhere near half catalogue for sets of cards these days!  In my opinion the problem is, since the age of the internet, cigarette cards along with many other collectables have become more readily available. This has affected the prices which have not been adjusted by the publishers of the Valuation Guide!
The cards I buy can stay in stock for years and there is no sign of cards going up in value over the coming years, this is not just because of the current recession as this was apparent long before.
I will of course be giving an offer to try and make a profit and I appreciate you want as much for your cards as possible. If you offer your cards to other dealers I would like to think you'll find my offer is a fair one.

If you wish to buy any of the following sets you can click on theEnquiry Button button next to the set(s) you are interested in, I will then get back to you with a price (which will be less than the catalogue price listed) and availability. Alternatively you are welcome to email me with your requirements.

Key to Letters used in No. In Set Column
K - Smaller than Standard 51 x 41mm
M - Medium Size 80 x 52mm
L - Large Size 80 x 71mm
T - Typhoo/Doncella Size 106 x 52mm
X - Extra Large Size 80 x 113mm
P - Postcard Size 165 x 110mm
G - Cabinet Size 228 x 165mm
E - Too Large for Albums
D - Dual (more than one) Size
S - Stereoscopic Series
F - Photographic Production

To open the abbreviations in a separate window please click here.

Issue Date No. Name of Set 2003 Cat. Price Sample Request Set
1926 25 Ancient Chinese £33.00
1928 25 Ancient Egypt £33.00
1928 L25 Ancient Egypt (Different) £33.00
1936 F36 Animal Studies £11.00
1927 F50 Beauty Spots of Great Britain £10.00
1927 MF50 Beauty Spots of Great Britain £10.00
1926 F54 Camera Studies £8.00
1926 MF54 Camera Studies £10.00
1934 30 Cinema Stars £36.00
1931 MS50 Coloured Stereoscopic £25.00
1926 25 Feathered Friends £55.00
1930 MS50 Glorious Britain £25.00
1924 25 Little Friends £22.00
1927 FS72 Peeps into Many Lands A series £30.00
1927 MFS72 Peeps into Many Lands A series £54.00
1927 XFS36 Peeps into Many Lands A series £65.00
1927 FS72 Peeps into Many Lands 2nd series £54.00
1927 MFS72 Peeps into Many Lands 2nd series £46.00
1927 FS48 Peeps into Many Lands 3rd series £15.00
1927 MFS48 Peeps into Many Lands 3rd series £45.00
1930 FS48 Peeps into Prehistoric Times 4th series £30.00
1930 MFS48 Peeps into Prehistoric Times 4th series £60.00
1925 25 Reproductions of Celebrated Oil Paintings £22.00
1926 F108 River Valleys £25.00
1926 MF108 River Valleys £32.00
1928 25 School Badges £25.00
1925 M25 The Nations Treasures £10.00
1926 MF30 Wordsworth's Country £18.00 in the Media Want to know who I am?! Company Terms & Conditions How to Contact me
Last Updated January 9, 2020