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Originally The Card Times, this rebranded Card Collecting Magazine is released quarterly. Please click the logo above to find out more.

Tobacco Collectibles
Old Tobacco Tins & Vintage Cigarette Packets - A web site dedicated to the collection of Cigarette Packets and Tobacco Tins. Features a Library of Cigarette and Tobacco brands sold in the UK between 1870 and 1980.

cigarettes encyclopedia is a project that set the goal of creating a Full Encyclopedia of cigarettes.

 A comprehensive collectors guide to the issues of Kensitas Woven Silk flowers which were given away free with Kensitas Cigarettes in the 1930's. The site now has more than 300 different Kensitas flowers displayed.

German Cards Logo
Nice Site with Information about German Cards.

Liebig Specific Site
Study, buying, selling exchange of ”Liebig’s Extract of Meat Company” trade cards and of course all other Victorian trade cards sets, menu cards, e.g. calendars, vignettes, posters.

The Card Mine
Card Mine

The Card Mine - the No. 1 site for European Trade & Cigarette Cards, Poster Stamps, Cigar Bands, Creamer Tops, Postcards and all types of printed Ephemera & Collectables such a Menus, Calendars, Matchbox Labels, Bookmarks etc in the Media Want to know who I am?! Company Terms & Conditions How to Contact me
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